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Exhibition Opening Reception

Thursday, August 13th, 7pm-11pm
At Studio Gallery
294 College Street, 2nd Floor (just West of Spadina)
* Back alley entrance

Studio Gallery presents For No One by Paul J Kneale from August 13th to September 10th, 2009.

Opening Reception: August 13th, 7-11pm

In a talk entitled ‘The Subject of Art’, French philosopher Alain Badiou proposed "a real artistic event is a change in the formula of the world… it’s something like the becoming formal of something which was not. It’s the emergence of a new possibility of formalization, or if you want, it is an acceptance into form of something which was inform… a new current in the chaotic sensibility. It’s a new disposition of the immanent relation between chaotic sensibility and formalization."

In a new site-un-specific project conceived for Studio Gallery, Paul J Kneale explores this change between inform and form in a work that is both installation and event. Drawing on the familiar to create a psychologically dissonant experience, the work positions its subject at the threshold of our process of expressing meaning through material.


For more information or to schedule a press preview of For No One at Studio Gallery, please contact:

Vanessa Gronowski
Gallery Director
416-347-3675 /



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